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Sustainable fashion is an emerging and ethical alternative to the traditional fast fashion pursuit. The process begins before purchasing a product and a deep understanding of a garment supply chain. From the fibres utilised to the ethics applied in the workforce, it includes multiple elements. Sustainable fashion is about purchasing with a purpose, with an environmental and social conscience. It seeks transparency and favours products that do not have a negative impact. 

eco.mono offers a curated collection of sustainable monochrome clothing from brands leading the way in ethical women’s fashion, allowing it to be easier for customers to make a purchase that aligns with their personal values.   

From a fast fashion hoarder to slow fashion minimalist, eco.mono Founder Sam Leigh has been seeking out the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to who, how and where our clothes are made. Educating herself on what goes on behind the scenes of fashion. Established in 2016, Sam originally started eco.mono as a fashion blog dedicated to educating her readers about the garment industry. Sam understands that mass consumerism is a global issue, so imagine having a wardrobe full of clothing that doesn't hurt people or the planet?

Sam Leigh eco.mono Founder and CEO