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    Wearing beautiful clothing should not be at the expense of people or the environment. No longer will accessibility be a barrier for our customers when they can make informed purchases here with us. eco|mono is an online market place for brands contributing towards sustainable fashion. Allowing it to be easier for our wonderful customers to make a purchase that aligns with their personal values. Working collectively towards a greater mission. Here at eco|mono we provide a one stop shop for sustainable style. Creating a sustainable wardrobe of stylish monochrome essentials, all while educating customers on the ethics of the garment industry. 


    About Sam Leigh

    From a fast fashion hoarder to slow fashion minimalist, eco|mono Founder Sam Leigh has been seeking out the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to who, how and where our clothes are made. Educating herself on what goes on behind the scenes of fashion. Established in 2016, Sam originally started eco|mono as a fashion blog dedicated to educating her readers about the garment industry. Sam understands that mass consumerism is a global issue, so imagine having a wardrobe full of clothing that doesn't hurt people or the planet?

    Learn more about us here