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    Shop our Ruby Silver sterling silver collection and PAY WHAT YOU WANT!

    When you purchase any product from the Ruby Silver collection, you deliver essential school resources such as school books and uniforms for girls in India who otherwise wouldn’t have them.

    Ruby Silver has a significant impact because while NGOs are doing effective work, they need regular support in order to invest their energy in providing effective services.

    Most recently, through multiple donations, Ruby Silver has been able to provide school excursions, blankets, schoolbooks, bags and new uniforms to the girls. Every delivery is personally given to the children ensuring that all profits are directed where intended.

    In the developing world 42% of girls are not enrolled in school despite evidence that educated women are the most powerful driver of local change. Women with an education are healthier, mothers of smaller, educated families and earn wages stimulating their local economy. We aim to create real and lasting support for local organisations that enable girls to go to school.

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