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    Kyoti Jewellery

    Kyoti is a fashion jewellery label, based in Melbourne that is inspired by my travels into ancient cultures around the world and by the mystic of ancient symbols. Fuse that together with my personal creative touch, a bit of Melbourne spunk and tie it all up with a splash of Bohemian Luxe vibes and you have yourself Kyoti. Timeless, beautiful and meaningful.

    #whomadeyourjewellery Jodee (Founder of Kyoti) works with two families in Jaipur. It is the men in these families who are the artisans and the women take care of the family. In Jaipur silver smith craftsmanship has been around for centuries and so their talents are passed down like heirlooms in their families. Jodee explains how she iscvery lucky to be able to work, trust and enjoy the people she works with.

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